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Has anybody any experience of improving their water pressure - possibly by fitting a pump? Our low pressure means that anyone trying to run water - hot or cold, at the top of the house is reduced to a trickle if a tap is running in the kitchen. Any advice / suggestions would be most appreciated.

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In the first instance you might want to contact Thames Water and ask for their help. That is what my plumber has suggested I do, when I mentioned our low water pressure to him a day or so ago. Good luck getting it resolved.

Thanks Susie, can’t hurt to try.

There is a requirement for water companies to supply water pressures up to a minimum standard.This page from Ofwat may be worth a skim. 

Very useful Hugh - thank you.

Our upstairs water pressure is definitely affected by water being taken downstairs and for that reason, I try to avoid the washing machine when someone is in the shower. However, the water pressure upstairs has very much improved since we had a new combi boiler installed. 

Our rental house has a pump in the first floor bathroom to increase the pressure, the noise is terrible. Not sure what make it is but I'd be really attentive to the decibel level of whatever brand you buy it drives us bonkers.

Some years ago I had a similar problem (albeit in a two-storey house) and rang Thames Water, who came to check the pressure and identified the problem as their furred-up (Victorian?) pipe connecting the main to my house. When they replaced it, at no cost to me, the pressure improved immediately. A lot of water has flowed through Harringay since then (a fair amount into GL from the recent burst on the St Ann's corner) and I don't know if TW are as helpful today, but they did respond quickly to a possible leaking meter in the street here last year, so I'd second Susie's suggestion of contacting them as a starting point.

This was the same for us. We had our kitchen renovated and our plumber realised there water pressure was woefully low and traced the issue back to the pipe connecting the mains to our house. We had it replaced and now the water flow is really strong.



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