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Magic Lantern Slides offer a Peek into Upper Middle Class Edwardian Hornsey

I recently came across a marvellous set of late nineteenth and early twentieth century magic lantern slides. They show a slice of life inside the Laurels in Hornsey. I've found mention of a Laurels in Tottenham Lane through a record of their selling a parcel of land to the Great Northern Railway Company.


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Thank God for minimalism


You really wouldn't want your kids running riot among that lot!

I was looking for references to ' The Laurels' and came across an interesting article on the developement of Hornsey  http://www.british-history.ac.uk/vch/middx/vol6/pp111-122

Yes British History Online is a good resource.

Here's another little snippet.

...and a page attached from London: A Social History by Roy Porter, which may or may not refer to the same house.


The book referenced in the article is 'The diary of a nobody' by George and Weedon Grossmith. First published in 1892.

Entirely fictional but gives a comical record of the daily grind. Fun read.

Great photos, Hugh! Thanks for sharing. It's hard to find pictures of the interior from that era. Where did you come across them?

Bruce Castle has loads of pictures from that time but mainly exterior.

These slides will be with Bruce Castle before too long.

John D - Just what I was thinking.  All that bric a brac and chinoiserie to dust.  No wonder they needed housemaids.

These are lovely. Hornsey Historical Society members will love them. Great find

Is that a sculpture of a dog or a real one in the last two shots?  And someone shrunk that vase on the nearest table in the centre of the room!!

I like the shot of the family.
Perhaps the photographer was taking so long that one of the little girls looks away and the old woman in the centre has given up the will to live. Though maybe its the opposite, Its unusual in that its not particularly 'staged' with some family members being obscured by others, some disappearing off frame, a barely visible head with mutton chops in the centre and some ignoring the event entirely. Its almost 'not another shot!' and they look remarkably like a downscaled Queen Victoria and Prince Edward with the cap.

Yes that's my favourite too. I liked the fact that it seems to have been taken before everyone was ready. I thought the guy looks like old Tum-Tum too.



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