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Can anyone recommend a man (or woman) with a van? We're looking for someone to help with a local move. It will probably be a few hours but we're hoping to get someone who can help us move furniture as well as drive. What's the usual going rate for this sort of service?

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I'll be honest, I didn't use anyone local last time - I booked through Anyvan online, they were cheaper and more flexible with times and dates. I had one guy load up transit van with lots of furniture and boxes, drive it from Kent to Haringey, and then unload and carry it all up about six flights of stairs for around £100. 

Thanks for the suggestion. The Anyvan quote I got is half the price of a local recommendation!

They want a specific number of boxes, etc. Do you know how they deal with it if the number changes on the day? Or did you know in advance exactly how much it would be?

Hi Lina, no worries, they were good. I think we booked it giving them as best an estimate as we could, and then the day before we rang an updated them that there was a bit more, so we agreed an extra ten or twenty quid to cover it. Best to call them and discuss they were helpful when we did. 

Mark is local, professional, helpful, nice. 

On 07973 179610. 

Thanks, Marian. Do you happen to know what he charges? 

I think it would all depend on location, amount of stuff, etc etc.

I'm just posting this in case anyone else comes across this thread. Mark works for Jeff's Removals, and from what I can tell, this is a full-service removals company, not a "man with van". He gave us a quote of £250 for a 2-bedroom (but no wardrobes or dining table) move from a ground-floor flat to a ground-floor flat 5 minutes away. This is a 2 hour job, so this seemed expensive to me.  

No! Thanks for the suggestion. I did do a search for "man van" on the forum, but then everything that came up was two years old and I couldn't figure out how to sort by date so I took the easy way out and posted.



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