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The shelter at bus stop HH outside Santander was removed in January following a traffic incident causing damage. I contacted Transport for London who after 13 days emailed me to say that it can take 18 weeks to replace a shelter.

Perhaps others like me who have difficulty standing for a while would care to contact TfL to complain about this absurdity.

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...especially as it makes it harder to avoid being approached by the bum who lives in the Santander bank entrance. 


I hope they don't replace it. It shields the ATM from sight and there has been quite a few robberies and atm hacks there.

So you don't care about people less able to stand?

That's definitely an issue that needs addressing. It's such a dodgy spot though. 

Try getting in touch with the Haringey SNT and maybe involve local councillors to ask TfL buses to move the bus stop. Seems like the ideal opportunity to do that and there shouldn't be too much resistance if the current spot is enabling crime.

Yes that sounds like a good idea.

I completely agree about the position of this in relation to the cashpoint.

The only problem is where to move it - it can't really be any further south on that stretch (because of the proximity to the Warham junction). Could it move a bit further north without having to be north of Hewitt? 

In my original post I should have said the shelter was outside William Hill, and in fact it didn't stand directly in front of Santander at all.
So moving it and the stop just three metres north would easily open up the space around Santander's machine.

I am astonished that anyone would suggest that the bus shelter not be replaced because it might inconvenience people using the Santander cashpoint. Personally, I use the one inside the bank; and for times when the bank is closed, there is another cashpoint nearby outside Tesco. I find it difficult to stand (especially in the cold weather) for very long in one place, and have been hoping for the return of the bus shelter. In fact, about a week or so ago I saw a TFL truck at the bus-stop, with a new bus shelter on it, and hoped that they were going to fit it. It looks as if it is time to write to TFL to get a move on and replace the shelter.

Is it the combination of the bus shelter, ATM and half the pavement being taken up by the wares being traded by the pound shop that made it into such an unpleasant bottleneck? Maybe if the pavement was cleared of things for sale it would open up that space more and make it feel safer? Like some other posters, I miss being able to sit and/or shelter from the rain and the really useful countdown display.

I must admit I miss the shelter especially if it is raining and also has the information about the waiting times for the buses. Seems a long time 18 weeks to replace a shelter but hopefully it will be replaced.



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