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My cleaner Desi is looking to expand her cleaning business in the Haringey area as she now has a few girls working for her who she is looking for work for. She has been cleaning my house on the ladder for a couple of years now, and is trustworthy, efficient and also tidies everything. The house is a pleasure to come home to. She is also willing to organise cleaning every other week as she does for me. Please contact her on: 07878 935 011

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I can second this, Desi is fantastic. She has been cleaning for us since July. 

Hi Michelle, 

Please could you message me your cleaner's details? Thank you! My number is 07739540878

Thanks! Stephanie 

Hi Stephanie, Desi's number is 07878 935 011 :)

Oh, we may need a new cleaner.  Can I ask how much she charges? 

Hi Penny,

I think it will depend on the size of the house and what things you want her to do (eg. just cleaning or changing beds, ironing etc.) so it's probably best to ask her. She works very fast though, so it doesn't work out too much

Thanks for this recommendation Michelle and Elinor. I now have Desi cleaning for me fortnightly and she is BRILLIANT!! So pleased to finally find a cleaner that’s good! I have been through a LOT recently. 

Hi Rebecca, 

Please could you message me Desi's details? Thank you! My number is 07739540878

Thanks! Stephanie 



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