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I live towards the north end of Wightman Rd, opposite the Greek Orthodox Church.

1. Last week the old mobile phone mast was removed from the new "Altitude" development on Hampden Road (next to Hornsey station).

I believe new masts were placed on top of the new flats at the same time.

2. Last week my TVs decided to randomly started to switch on / off.

I wander I these 2 events are linked?

I know TVs can be effected by other remotes close by. This has never happened in the 3 years Ive lived here.

I also know that I should not leave them on Stand-by.

Is anyone else close to Hampden Rd experiencing new interference with their TVs?

(ignoring the poss. of other devices effecting my TV sets, and how I shouldn't leave them on Stand-by) 

My suspicion is that the new mobile masts (5G?) are interring with my devices.

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It's most likely a coincidence. The TV signal uses infra-red, so sunlight or certain lamps can cause problems sometimes. But most likely it's the remote, try taking it out of the room (or keep it in a solid box) and see if you still have the issue. If it's that, try changing the batteries on it otherwise you can just buy a new one for pretty cheap.

There isn't anything wrong with leaving your TV on stand-by, probably uses about £2 of energy per year

Ours is really playing up lately we are the other side of the railway.Does anyone know of someone who could check out our roof aerial as we lose channels including all BBC ones several times a week...there must be a loose connection somewhere..the back of the house is fine!

When it happens, go into your settings/tools menu and check your signal strength, should be around 75%, when you say the back of the house is fine is that another TV using the same or different aerial?.

Yes another aerial at the back of the house & 2 storeys down...Its a small cheapo tv now a few years old.

Has a neighbour got a new tv? I have heard of situations where both neighbours have similar TVs or remotes that can affect both TVs. Could be your neighbour switching channels etc and your tv picking up the signal? 

Live behind Wood Green Shopping City.

They put up new Masts on roof. Some years ago. Which stopped you locking you cars and phone and TV was a joke.

Thankfully they sorted it out, but was weeks of hell

Joys of today's overcrowded Electronic World

I've got radios at home sensitive enough to pick up a low-powered transmission from across the world, now thanks to LED lighting, cable-boxes, plasma TVs and solar inverters (all carrying the CE mark and thus supposed to be made to tight standards) drowns it all out 24/7.

I'm not clear whether you mean your TVs (more than one?) really switch on and off (i.e. go to standby) or whether you're just losing the signal so that the screen goes blank. If it's the former it will be a fault in the TV itself or the remote control. If it's the latter, then it's most likely to be a transmission/reception problem. It could be the effect of a nearby structure, such as a phone mast or building, or it could be a problem with your aerial or downlead. Have you checked that your aerial was not shifted by the storm?

This is a known phenomenon. There is a website (search for at800) dedicated to sorting out interference to Freeview TV from 4G aerials. They provide free filters which are very easy to plug in. Just phone them (number on their website).

Would not affect your remote though.



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