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A new report reveals that levels of fly-tipping within London are at all time high – total incidents increased by 14 per cent in 2016/17 – making it the fly-tipping capital of England.

Haringey is the second worst affected borough, with over 33,000 incidents last year alone.

Written by London Assembly Member Susan Hall, a member of the Greater London Authority (GLA) Conservatives group, the, Cleaning up London report urges Mayor Khan to use his PR budget and Transport for London (TfL) advertising space to promote a new anti-fly-tipping campaign. Hall suggests that Khan fronts the campaign to prevent commuters from destroying London’s landscape by dumping waste on its streets, parks and open spaces.

“Local councils play the biggest role in clearing up our streets, but that is no excuse for the Mayor to stand idly by while fly-tipping goes through the roof – he needs to lead from the front,” Hall commented.

It is not just Hall’s report that has found London to be the ‘fly-tipping capital’ of England. A study published in May this year had similar findings.

Hall wants TfL to replace its current £500,000 advertising plan promoting promote gender diversity, called The Women We See, with this new environmental campaign.

To deal with fly-tipping in London, an average of £557,444 was spent per each of the 33 local authorities, adding up to £18.5 million. Hall writes in the report that this money ‘could be spent on other priorities such as children’s services and adult social care, where demand for support is growing’.

Research, such as Keep Britain Tidy’s 2014/15 Local Environmental Quality Survey, has found that crime rates increase in heavily graffitied streets with greater levels of littering and fly-posting. “All the evidence shows that a high level of fly-tipping just encourages more people to illegally dump their rubbish,’ Hall said. “Crime rates are higher in fly-tipping hotspots and dirty areas can have a negative impact on health and well-being. It’s time to put a stop to this vicious cycle.”

The Assembly Member also suggested that Khan makes CCTV technology available for local councils to catch perpetrators, or resurrects Boris Johnson’s ‘Capital Clean-Up’ programme through which Johnson awarded grants of up to £1000 to community groups to hold clean-up events. The scheme was judged to be a success: it ran over 230 events, improved 830,000m² of land and nearly 5,000 volunteers took part.

Hall suggests that by bringing these ideas into action, Londoners would be empowered to look after their own area, bringing about an improvement to London’s overall environment.

Another suggested measure is the creation of a legal services hub at the Greater London Authority City Hall, which would fund and assist court cases with identified fly-tippers, reducing costs for local authorities. Given that one in five Londoners have disposed of their waste through fly-tipping over the last two years, the fines have the potential to be substantial.

To find out more, take a look at the report or read the publication by the London Environment Directors’ Network and Keep Britain Tidy, Understanding and Tackling Fly-Tipping in London (both attached below)

The majority of this article are taken directly from a by Kate Nicolson in Resource Magazine.

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It's a sad reality of this borough unfortunately. I watched a group of 4 people walk down Chesterfield Gardens yesterday, dump a bunch of rubbish bags along the side of Jennings Bet and then stroll into Music and Beans for their morning coffee like it was nothing. 

Perhaps it's a misguided and uneducated mindset that the top of our ladder roads are the place to bring out your junk because Veolia are going to pick it up for you? Or the street sweepers will?

One of the issues that came up in the recent residents' meeting was misguided but well-intentioned dumpers (MWIDs). These are those people who think that they are doing the right thing and are unaware of the nuisance they cause. I thought that it was useful to discern this group. It sounds very plausible. One of the reports I attached also makes the point that the sort of casual dumping you witnessed isn't seen by many as fly-tipping.

"There is confusion about what fly-tipping is and the many forms of it......(people) do not recognise the behaviour as something that they, or someone else they know, might do."

Addressing this would, I imagine, be best addressed with some sort of campaign - a national or citywide campaign might work best.

Jail is too good for these people.

I thought Green Lanes street sweepers are meant to sweep up to 50 metres of the Ladder header roads. After seeing the street sweepers ignore piles of rubbish on Sunday, I went to take a photo of the state of my road to send to Ian Kershaw at Haringey. As I returned home, to my dismay, I watched one of my kind elderly neighbours add a black bin back to the pile... so depressing.

I'm very surprised....I was expecting to be N.1. It is getting out of control in Wood Green and although Veolia is normally very good at collecting after reporting, this is an endless game. There are many fly-tippers dumping rubbish and a very few of us reporting. it takes just ONE day after rubbish has been collected to get more. 

It's ok Haringey will be number one next year as Enfield is changing its reporting method to bring it into line with the rest. For some reason Enfield chooses a different method that means it comes out worse.

Just had a quick skim through the second of the two reports attached above - some interesting analysis of who does the dumping.

Well Brexit is happening in March next year so those people won't be able to keep dumping like they allegedly do.

" Overall, the results suggest that people of European nationalities are more likely to fly-tip
black bags and cardboard waste compared to those from other global regions, including the
UK (Figure 5). "

Are we Brexited already ?

London Assembly Member Susan Hall makes this a party political issue, at least with the comments quoted above and put into this post. Hall wants TfL to replace its current £500,000 advertising plan promoting gender diversity, called The Women We See, with this new environmental campaign. How effective will that be? She comes across as blaming Mayor Khan for London's dumping problems but forgets that Tory cuts to council budgets have surely contributed to these problems. 

The idea of the legal services hub at the Greater London Authority City Hall might make sense but then, so may the GLA taking over the whole of London's waste services ...

Here's the URL: www .glaconservatives.co.uk/uploads/1/1/7/8/117899427/clean_up_london.pdf

It’s alteady attached above, Gordon



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