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Hello everyone,

I am in desperate need of an optician and I was wondering if the community could help by recommending a good one? I know there are plenty in Haringey, but I am not sure where to go and google has no reviews. I don't mind moving around also, so, if anyone has any recommendations of opticians in general around the area (crouch end, Tottenham, etc etc) would be great.

Many thanks,


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Nothing wrong with Specsavers Wood Green.

I'll back you up there. I've been using them for quite a few years and never had any problems. 

I highly recommend

Dr. C H Lim in Crouch End. A delight to be treated by, professional and highly knowledgeable.

His address and phone number:

Topsfield Parade, 16 Tottenham Ln, London N8 8PR

020 8348 8615

thanks so much for the prompt reply!

Also the Optical Shop on Green Lanes. Run by a husband and wife team so feels like a really community asset. She’s great with children (in case that is on your list of requirements) and great with adults too!

I also recommend the Optical Shop on Green Lanes - it's between Cavendish & Duckett Rd. Parita is brilliant. 

I've been taking my daughter to Vizyon Optik at the bottom of Seymour Rd for about 3 years. Service is excellent, I'd highly recommend them.

I have used 3 opticians locally: The Optical Shop, Mr Lim, and A View on Crouch End Hill.  They are all good in their different ways.  My own eye requirements have changed over the past few years and I am now considerably more demanding of an optician than the normal customer needs to be.  For this reason, A View, while being considerably more upmarket than I would normally choose, has turned out to be the optician for me as their optometrists are all Moorfields people and operate on a different level from most opticians.

However, for a good, non-specialist optician The Optical Shop is the one I would recommend for most people.  But if you have issues that require referral elsewhere, then don't let Parita refer you to The Practice eye clinic at the Hornsey Central Health Centre.

thank you so much, everyone has been more than kind. this is exactly what I needed.

On a real though perhaps somewhat pedantic note: 

A recent edition of Qi (? Q-Eye ?) distinguished between 'optician' and 'optometrist' - the former being a maker and seller of eye-glasses, the latter a tester of visual acuity. What the otherwise admirable Sandi Toksvig failed to point out is that neither of these optimistic characters is necessarily any more medically qualified than the hawker of old second-hand specs from a market stall. Your 'ophthalmologist' is the real deal. I feel Stephen Fry would have made that clear, pointing out that while the Greeks occasionally used 'ops' (o-mega psi) for the eye, the more widely used 'ophthalmos' (o-mikron phi theta alpha lamda mu o-micron sigma) was the word that Hippokrates and the god Asklepios would have used in their medical practice on Kos and farther afield. Mediaeval eye-doctors may have been ignorant of these basics, so we ended up with bog-latin opticians and optometrists getting too big for their Boots. If they'd only gone across the High Road to Specsavers they might be on a lower spec but we'd have been the savers. 

K J DAVIS on PRIORY Road N8 - I've been using him for 30 years. Excellent optician. He is opposite PRIORY Park, on the opposite side of the road where there is a a Vet, fish and chip chop, greengrocer etc. 

Mr Shah in the larger Boots in Wood Green is great. 



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