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Margaret Anne Georgiadou's petition on the government website has reached over a million signatures and is still climbing.


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The numbers are going up quickly, went up 3000 in less than a minute while I was watching.

Most rapidly signed petition in UK history which has crashed the site at least twice today. 

It's supposed to have started yesterday. But, if as is written on the site, all petitions run for six months, the end date suggests that it started a month back. 

Yes, she said she started it without much hope of it gaining traction but it's gone viral probably as a result of that weird speech she gave yesterday. 

I just heard Leadsom say it would need to be above 17.4 million before anyone in government would take it seriously.

so looooooong way to go.

We're forced to take Andrea Leadsom seriously. That's what really hurts.

Anyway, challenge accepted AL :0

It would someone very persuasive indeed to make me believe that anyone in government right now is listening to anything anyone says that doesn’t agree with them. 

And meanwhile this country has been reduced to a global laughingstock.

Hugh's right. Been around a little while but, with the Maybot arming it's lazers with a determined zeal to blast the UK into oblivion ... looks like this petition has found an urgent lease of life.

See you all Saturday!

This petition is a disgrace and sets out to stop democracy and the will of the people. It will never get near the great number of over 17 million citizens who correctly voted out. 

It is also flawed as it sets up the legitimacy of a third and fourth referendum. 

Since the great Brexit Referendum when over 410 constituencies voted to Leave, the economy has done very well, thank you. 

January had record tax receipts for the government from working people and businesses. 

Unemployment keeps falling to record lows each month and the economy keeps growing every quarter. Remainers promised us the opposite and they are now discredited, as this petition will be. 

We should have Brexit more often as politicians stop interfering in the economy and the economy grows.

Meanwhile, the Yellow Vests in one of the EU's leading countries, France, have been protesting for the last 17 weekends about falling living standards in France and the EU. The French police have fired riot gas at them, beaten them up and used water cannons on these working class protestors. The EU knows how to treat the working people when they are struggling to live and be heard! 

The working class will continue to prosper in the UK after Brexit. It's going to be great. 

Sounds like you are really looking forward to the Eurovision song contest...

I have some sympathy for your point of view Neil , I'm a democrat and it was a clear win, 52% voted for a hard Brexit. No one mentioned or cared about the good Friday agreement, Japanese car factories, or ex pats and so by now we should have built at least a hundred miles of fencing along the border. We should have taken back control by now, and be having hard border checks on all vehicles coming into the country to prevent those 72million Turks rushing the benefits and housing system. 40 trade deals should have been signed by now as well, what the Fox is being paid for Ive no idea. The free trade deal with the EU should also be in place ' it'll be the easiest deal in the world' I seem to remember Davies saying somewhere.. And immigration should be down to 20,000 total. And why do we still have such high husbandry standards? our poor farmers just won't be able to compete unless we match those of the US, we have to drop them NOW. 

I should also be expecting a knock on the door to have my wife and kids removed from the country as well.

So it seems we've both been let down.

It's an absolute shambles. And bring on those hard borders!!!



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