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Getting tired of calling Haringey council again and again to report people urinating opposite our house.

Have called them multiple times over the last two years and still the problem is there. The shop on the corner needs to be closed as they sell the alcohol to these people, they drink outside the shop, then urinate on the wall and go home.

Enough is enough. Something must be done about this.


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Have had someone do it on the front wall right in the middle of the day, and on St Ann's road! So plenty of traffic going by too... He seemed to be homeless, but it did show that anyone willing to do it doesn't care who's around, as in the original videos posted. Broad daylight and they just go for it. So sad. And same goes for a lot of broken glass and rubbish in Chestnuts Park. So sad to take my 2 year old down on the weekend and constantly have to worry about him falling over in the football pitch in case he lands on glass.

I once gave a round of applause to someone zipping up their trousers after a lash in the park. He looked very confused...

It happens in River Park Road, which runs next to the bus garage in Wood Green,behind the Council buildings. People think they're not visible but they are, as numerous people use that as a short cut through to Cumberland Road.

It seems that this problem is widespread and needs to be sorted out root and stem. 

If you approach these scumbags (like i did once) you are liable to get stabbed. They just dont care. The roads are their toilets. The second guy in the video, the car he got into had Polish number plates...Funny thing, if you goto their country, its spotless. So why do these degenerates think its ok to urinate here...Its not on.

There is far too much political correctness going on. The people are fed up and something needs to be done.

Im all for getting a group together so we can do something...

Looks like an expensive car. Wonder what he'd do if you pissed on it, or in it? 

I wonder what we can do without being termed rabid vigilantes. The council will say the are 'liasing' with police and residents. They should be arresting and fining. Zero tolerance on these thing would be a good start. 

The second guy in the video, the car he got into had Polish number plates...Funny thing, if you goto their country, its spotless. So why do these degenerates think its ok to urinate here...

.....they learn from local degenerates here.


I lived all over London from West to East and South to North and NOWHERE have I seen men urinating so openly everywhere as I see in Harringey. And so many of them.

In addition to street corners  - also in parks, at the front of a tree or a bush. Awful.


I also lived in Japan for a while and yes, you are never far away from a very clean and very safe toilet that you can use.

I do not see any public toilets around here. The few I have seen in London generally - are scary to walk into, smelly and disgusting.

BUT - if it was a case of lack of public toilets then we should see equal number of men AND women urinating as they do on attached videos.. but it seems to be men only from what I see. 


Public toilets is not the answer...The problem then would be different, dug addicts would find refuge in closed spaces...etc, etc...

I was born here, so let me go and learn from them and start urinating in the streets...No...The problem is they have no respect for where they live or the surroundings they are in.

Most are often drunk and red faced, with black plastic bags concealing beer. They drink the beer and unload where ever...

These certain individuals are also on the tubes early in the morning and at rush hour...Often with building tools and a beer in unmarked bags, drinking...Red faced and out of it.

Unfortunately the UK has gone down the toilet (pun intended) Its now a dirty, unsafe, violent and expensive place...Councils do not care and they only do the bare minimum. You have idiots in charge who have no idea about sound policy that benefits the local community.


I am NOT going to show you videos of what British men on stag weekends etc do in Poland which as you mentioned yourself is spotless.

Let's not go there.

So ONE person that  you got on video had Polish number plates. The 100s I see urinating all over Haringey are definitely NOT Polish.

If you want to make it about a particular nationality - you are insane.

BUT I have noticed a pattern - not going to go into it here though.

You should share it on social media.

Haringey Councils Twitter page and Facebook page. 

Shame Haringey Council and hopefully they will do something about it. 

I do not use social media, facebook, twitter etc...But if anyone else wants to share it, please feel free

I will share it on Facebook for you not only is it disgusting it is a health hazard as well. 

I am old 44 years old and I remember in my young years how nice and clean Haringey was and now it has gone to what the dog deposits. 

I agree with you Anna. I remember when it was a wonderful and safe place...Most of all clean...Sadly thats not the case anymore :(



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