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Please can anybody help me with my geography coursework about Haringey. It will only take 2 minutes.

I go to Highgate Wood School and I'm doing geography A-level and for my coursework i'm investigating globalisation in Haringey borough so would greatly appreciate if anyone could fill in this questionnaire for me.

If so the link is:


Many thanks. 

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Done. Good luck. On the plastics question do want to talk to our group TidyUpTottenham? 

Done. Good questions. Best of luck. 

Well done on a concise survey - the questions were clear and didn't lead me. One minor point: questions 6 and 9 have been marked in surveymonkey as multiple response so I could have picked more than one which I don't think you'd want.

Thought provoking! Good luck.

Done, good luck with your A levels

Trying to be helpful, I completed your survey. But then had serious doubts about the how misleading my own answers and boxes ticked might be.

When I was young I used to think geography and geographers very dull. In the last few years I've realised how absurd that was. And that it's actually one of the most vital sciences of all. As you'll know, the question you've asked about globalisation is one of the most interesting and important.

Do you plan to do your survey face-to-face, maybe with help from a couple of friends, say, in a local library? You might find it useful to very briefly jot down people's comments as well as their answers.  For example whenever I'm in Wood Green I look at the myriad faces and think: 'This is world town'. Globalisation? It's us.

Done! Good luck (from one Geographer to another. I even did a geography degree I liked the A Level so much...)



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