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just wanted to recommend Neil, very nice reliable and reasonably priced plumber and lovely guy! +44 7731 997936


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Never heard of the guy ...

Nope, no one has ever mentioned him here before...

Knew a Neil once who only ever ate Panettone for breakfast. Nice guy.

Yes, I have recommended him before at HarringayOnline and I have found him on this site. Neil is really very reliable and reasonably priced. He's saved us several times.


Neil who???

"I have recommended him before at HarringayOnline" - really? When?

Neil Protheroe.

EMC2--Search "Plumber Neil Ivana" and you will find my post. Otherwise, search "Plumber Neil" and you will find 11 pages of recommendations. The search box is at the top on the right.

11 pages, well how about that! 

yup ill second that. I found Neil Protheroe through a recommendation on here and he is wonderful, reasonably priced and very thorough. Good bloke all round.



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