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We are installing some new radiators and wonder about experiencea on where to position a radiator in the front room. We are on the ladder and thinking of putting it under the center bay window. Seems best for heating and counteracting downdraught from the windows, but for aesthetics perhaps not optimal. And if so what is a nice design?  We are curious about ideas and experiences of this. Are there other alternative positions?

Cheers Jacob

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Under the biggest window normally,  but who wants normal:-)    the vertical slim rads look nice in hallways by the door.   The chunky iron old ones look nice anywhere.    Good vintage style fireplace/ rad shop in crouch end.   Thinking of moving the copper?

Assuming your living room is on the ground floor, the rad can also go on the wall dividing it from the hall, behind the sofa if that’s how your room is laid out. Best not to put it opposite the window as that will amplify the downdraught from the window. Personally I’d leave it in the bay for the reasons you’ve mentioned, plus it won’t get in the way of furniture there. Make sure the new one has sufficient heat output to keep the room toasty in winter though!

I bought vertical ones so I didn't have to break wooden floor to reach to bay window. I placed them by the door They look nice and work great. 

We had new radiators put in recently and moved their position to under the windows. Seems to be better all round as they prevent the draught a bit more and also easier for positioning furniture. 

In my experience the best position is under the window.

It is better to get a rad that is wider rather than taller as they have better heat outputs,

which are measured in BTU.

There are lots of apps available to

measure how many BTUs you need.

You can also get a rad bent or welded into the

shape of your bay window (North London Plumbing in West Green Rd or THL in Hornsey.

Finally, get a rad that is bigger than you need, as you can always turn it down, but you can’t boost a rad that’s too small.

Good luck.



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