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Private Eye Searchable Map of properties owned by Tax Haven Off Shore Companies

Interesting just how much property in Haringey is owned by Tax Haven Off Shore Companies. Article is here

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Who has a £1.175m toilet block?????

Apparently the place next to The Beaconsfield does! (or maybe it's all part of The B, just separately listed)

SAB Investments is the Londis at the bottom of Ferme Park Rd (N4 4DS). They've been buying up the other shops and flats around them for years.

Don't think Germany is a tax haven, and the Cyprus ones are explainable given the historically high level of Cypriot immigration in the area, so no reason why investments here shouldn't have been funded from there.

Not quite so happy with the IoM ones... nor the Seychelles or the BVI

Notwithstanding the Cypriot Diaspora hereabouts,  Cyprus is highly attractive to tax dodgers as they can own assets through companies anonymously. Company formation businesses highlight this in their ads, for example:

Cyprus is also a big conduit for Russian money.



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