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The software we use to run the site is currently experiencing problems with uploading images.

Some people are reporting that they're unable to add photos, or that whole posts are rejected when they try to post with attached photos.

I'm pressing to get this fixed, but in the meantime, when I've tested it, I find that whilst adding photos or other files as attachments usually fails, photos can still be added inline.

UPDATE: We now seem to have a semi-fix, but the upload of attachments is still not working properly. So we recommend that you continue to upload images inline for the time being.

You can do this by using the little 'mountain' icon in the toolbar above the text entry window, as I've done with the picture below.

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Re videos btw, I used to be able to embed a youtube video using the above film/movie button but, for the last year or so only the link gets posted. Not important obv but just a little strange. It may be that youtube have changed things rather than ning. Overall I am finding the ning platform rather clunky to use now, 10 years on! Not sure they're keeping up with the likes of Instagram funtionality for example. Less money to invest in changes no doubt.

Yes, Ning is not being well looked after at the moment, but you can't really compare it with Instagram -apples and oranges.

I took the decision years ago not to use Ning's clunky mobile version because it sacrifices too much functionality. So it may not be ideal for use on a mobile. It's not new and shiny, but other than things which aren't working like picture upload, I don't think it's aged too badly. What in particular do you find clunky?

As to video embed, I never used the function you did. I always just grab the embed code from Youtube, switch momentarily to html input and and paste it in. Still worked fine the last time I tried.

OK, I'll try that. Think I've done that in the past. Thanks



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