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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

A permanent cliché of character roles, bizarre family lines, most people watch it 'cause it's just there.
I feel the money should go towards showcasing emerging talent, the programme could be sold to kickstart such an initiative, if you love it, it will be elsewhere, but we won't be paying for it anymore.


New East Enders Set scheduled for 2020 at a cost of £15 M, it won't improve the acting or script any.

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I haven't watched it since Angie left

Happy Valley in contrast has been brilliant and fresh.

CrouchEnders? Not a bit of it. I'll be proposing a new soap set in Harringay called "A Ladder in My Stocking". I'm open to ideas for plot lines.

There is so much talent out there looking for a break, let's give them the chance.

Other sports too could benefit over Football's reign, but that's another can of worms.
The BBC's budget should go out to supporting as much dynamic content to get a foothold.
Sounds Anti Arts, Labour will need creatives like Simon Pegg before you make social comment, we should not be divisive, 'we're all in it together.'

First Horsey College of Art, then Mount View Drama Academy, Labour should be working hard in support, I'm not seeing this.

Not all artists are the way you portray, and usually the folk sipping coffee are from all around, (attracted by the cafes,) just like Stoke Newington.

Why single out parents looking after their children, it's a little time for themselves.

Be thankful for strong opposition in Hornsey and Wood Green, Labour In Tottenham take their 20,000 clear votes for granted, which only leads to poor representation and lazy politics.
I think you may have missed Alan's point Matthew. A Crouch End soap would be about as realistic a portrail of north Londoners as Enders is about east Londoners!
BTW - I would hate the BBC to change to PP view. For a some isolated people the telly in the corner can be the only company they have - having to pay to watch programmes would be a problem.
Ok, I missed the satire.
Australia whittled down the ABC, its never been the same. If you were looking at pay per view this could mean chasing the pound and not quality viewing, some content needs time to grow.

It would be interesting though to see how pay per view could stack up, but I expect it would fall short.

The greatest social contribution I have experienced from BBC Radio is its programmes on Metal Health and Dementia and Age Care, awards should be forthcoming.
I think the BBC probably makes its money back from selling it to other countries - I saw it once on TV in Finland!
South Africa, America, Canada, Australia then there's the Mr Bean franchise which is global, and doesn't need translation.

Actually, the BBC makes very little back. That money is made by BBC worldwide - a private company who bolster the programme budgets to make the shows in return for the opportunity to exploit the episodes in various territories.



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