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EDITED - added Pure Gym and The Gym for comparison.

Is anyone a member there please?

They seem to have a very nice selection of various fitness classes for someone who has no idea what they may like (myself) so considering membership.

Would love to hear from anyone using this particular place?

Not the most convenient location to get to from middle of Stroud Green as bus shows 19 min and walking 25 and time is something I do not have much of so would prefer something closer but - as the selection/choice there looks great..

Personal opinions please anyone?

Thanks a lot

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Hi there.

My partner and myself used to use this gym now and again, when we were members of the Better Gym group.

Was very nice and clean, although the gym area used to be a little small.

At the time we were members the Better Group used to allow you to use the other gyms within their group, which was handy for us as there was one near my work.

We also used the pure gym in Finsbury Park too for a while but found it to be really busy at peak times and hard to book classes.

Hope that helps a little 


Thanks a lot for that.

Looking at both now as Pure Gym is much cheaper and much closer in terms of walking to from - appreciate your feedback

If you can go in off peak hours the pure gym is probably a good choice.

Although the Better Group gyms do have swimming pools if you fancy that?

Hope that helps :)

Thanks - I work so off peak that would have to be.

I do not swim, never learnt.... ;)

I am really only interested in various classes rather than gym as such to be honest - not good with motivating myself so class is the best

Just had a look at individual prices of classes v monthly membership and noticed interesting thing about timetable.. lots of evening classes seem to overlap so if one wanted to take 2 in any one evening (say Zumba or Aerobic followed by say Pilates or Yoga) this is simply not possible as one finishes say 19:45 and the other one starts 19:30.

So much for "unlimited classes" with monthly membership.... Very clever

True...and If i remember correctly you may have to pay a supplement for some classes also.

S that is a no no then.

But very clever scheme 



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