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Particularly for people who live on the ladder (as they will have similar houses), what are everybody's thoughts on the solar panel offer?

We got ours through and were a little surprised that the warranty period is less than the expected payback. Is anyone else worried about this?

Good to get everyone's thoughts.

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It hadn't occurred to me until you said it. Our payback time would be about eleven years - but I can't remember how long their warranty was
From an initial look it's 10 years which is pretty worrying. A friend of ours who recently had theirs installed (although more expensive) have a lifetime guarantee. We're pretty unconvinced

According to ecolution, "you do get a 25 year warranty from the manufacture of the modules which is separate to the 10 year workmanship warranty which will be supplied on the MCS certificate for the installation." No idea what MCS stands for

MCS is the government-controlled scheme to certify installers and products.  You can't get any payments or rebates back on your installation unless it's MCS certified, which means having the work done by MCS-registered installers using MCS-approved products.

Hope that helps.

A good point, although the practicality of a lifetime warranty, given the general length of existence of companies, might be challenging. One to bring up at the Haringey Q&A on October 2nd?



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