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Following its closure as a functioning police station about five years ago, homes in the former St Ann's Police Station on St Ann's Road are now up for sale.

With prices running between £400,000 and £760,000, we have reason to cross our fingers extra hard that the St Ann's Redevelopment Trust will succeed on the bid for the neighbouring hospital land development.

The development, which is is being marketed as St Ann's Place, comprises 22 one, two and three bedroom apartments.

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So they have 2 properties available on the Help to Buy scheme at the maximum offered for London purchases. Property developers are arseholes.

Well you could manage this in Bristol

Certainly looks like a welcome change to the area. Clearly far from ‘affordable’ prices, but not absurd by London standards.

I think everyone would prefer a working police station but at least it looks to have been done to a high standard 

I guess you didn't pass by during the construction phase? Brick facade on top of cheap materials. 

It's a long way from being finished, That's an artist's impression.

The clinic that relocated to canning cresent when St.Anns was closing has just moved back into St.Anns?

So interesting that the promo photos have the theate at Finsbury Park and Arsenal stadium and not Bernie Grant and Spurs stufff!
Many years ago a female neighbour of mine was living in an abusive relationship with a man between West Green Road and Philip Lane. One night he assaulted her so badly that he broke her nose and she walked out hysterical. At 5.00 in the morning she made it to St Anne's Police Station and received the support she needed. Selling the Police Station off is a shameful loss of another community support. Why is it that as time passes and we supposedly get more technically advanced and surely learn from the past we cannot afford police stations, we cannot afford libraries, we cut police numbers, we cut school budgets to the bone and we can't fund the NHS properly? Crazy times indeed.

Vote Tory and this is what you get. Underfunded public services on the one hand while our assets are sold off to private enterprises.



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