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The next general election seems a long way away, but when the time comes, many people are in for a big surprise. If you live in Stroud Green, you may find you are no longer part of Hornsey and Wood Green constituency, but Instead are part of Tottenham.

So why are we talking about it right now?

Because now you can still do something about it, by responding to the Boundary Commission consultation, in 3 simple steps,  by the 5th of December 2011 (Links at the bottom)

But before you do, take a quick look at what is happening and what rules the Boundary Commission will follow when considering representations from the public.

Watch a short video explaining it 




https://www.youtube.com/GreenN8TV where we talked to Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green and Stroud Green Councillors Katherine Reece and Richard Wilson and discuss what would be the implications of such a change for local residents. We also asked people living in Stroud Green ward how they feel about the proposed change.

We also asked David Lammy MP for Tottenham, for his views and comments, but sadly have not heard back from him to this day. Is this a sign of things to come if the unthinkable happen?

For more info on how to respond to the consultation go to http://www.greenn8.org


Anyone interested in this topic

SGRA has organised a public meeting

Harringay Stroud Green Library

7:00 this evening.

you are all invited!

They have been trying hard with not a lot of success to find someone from the labour group to come and participate in the debate... The official line the labour group is putting out, is that this is not a political issue...


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:o) Alan ..  Stroud Green  - a 'blink and you'll miss it' sort of place..

Lost it's station nearly sixty years ago  - a through bus service towards London in 1982 .. 


I actually drove the last 236 to Stroud Green.. and gave up 'playing buses' soon after..

LS230 Route 236The last 236 (to Stroud Green) on the stand at Stroud Green (The Stapleton) - 3rd September 1982

Notice how neatly I'd parked the bus on the stop :o) and the intending passenger !


To be honest, I don't care two hoots whether Stroud Green becomes part of our constituency or not, and I doubt many of us do. I just thought it was a bit cheeky to post this on a site that is mainly used by people who live in Harringay. You may not have meant to offend, but it was not very well-considered, as the response has shown.

I disagree! My intention was to raise awareness and judging by the amount of views this post had in the short time it on here, I 'd say I have achieved what I set out to do!

As a final word I would say that the comments throughout this thread are by far more offensive then any comments made by the people in the video! Scratch the surface a little bit and oh boy what comes out...

If there is one thing I take from this whole exchange is that 'political correctness is just another form of censorship'! 




I don't care ... and I doubt many of us do.

Who is "us"?

We're all entitled to our opinions, but there does seem to be a contradiction here in the "doubt" and the mention of "us". The post has attracted more than 1,200 views in five days, which makes it one of the more popular.

Now, either (a) there's an awful lot of "us" in Harringay Ward who are interested in the subject, or (b) "us" who live in Harringay don't care too hoots, haven't looked, and those 1,200 views are mainly from users outside the Ward of Harringay.

Which reflects that fact that community websites don't respect legal borders. I think part of the reason for that is the confusion by many users of the site, between "Haringey" and "Harringay". At least they got the spelling right on our new library sign!

In this context, "us" sounds a bit tribal to me and what I think you really mean is, not Harringayonline, but like-minded people who don't care two hoots. I don't agree with GN8 that the comments throughout the thread are (more) offensive. I think you can get interest and disinterest both within and without Harringay Ward.


I suspect the level of interest shown is less to do with the particular Boundary Commission proposal (nor that Tottenham's MP happens to live in Stroud Green) but that it touches on the Borough's party political front-line and the backdrop to municipal policies.




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