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Yesterday evening at 730pm I was walking up Allison Road and outside some of the houses near Wightman road end I had to pass by a bedraggled looking blonde lady who looked much the worse for wear, 2 men, and a lanky man on a bicycle who looked like they were doing a drug deal. 

This morning my husband spotted two men apparently gazing at windows of some of the houses on Allison Road, and thisevening he’s also spotted a couple of men ‘casing the joint’. 

I have never noticed this people before or this sort of behaviour on our street, but just wanted to do a shout out so people are vigilant. Lock your houses well, and don’t approach any possible dealers, but if we spot them again maybe we can contact the police. I don’t know - advice welcomed...


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Morning Jo.  

You can contact the local Met Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team on 07920233786 or harringay.snt@met.police.uk. 



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