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My sister, who lives in the States, has asked me to send her some 'nostalgic' sweets of the day. We're talking about 1950/60 era. A lot of them have disappeared and some have just been renamed but for the life of me my mind has gone a blank on what we used buy in our local sweet shop.

I know Opal Fruits have been renamed Starburst and that you can still buy Fruit Pastiles. Also that the Walnut Whip is now just called Whip due to the fact that there's no walnut in them anymore, (just not the same though without the nuts) but I need to be reminded of what else we used to nibble on and what is still out there, what it's new name is and where it/they might be stocked if they're not so common nowadays.

Any ideas?

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Sherbert Fountain, flying saucers, sugar mice, Tunes - you may have started something here Madeline!!

I arrived in the 70s but Smarties and Polos came straight to mind.

Spangles, black and white striped balls, cinnamon balls, liquorice straps, Mars Bars at 3d each ( 100d now ) mint imperials for Sunday church, sherbet lemons, Cowan's Highland Toffee ( 3d plain, 4 1/2 d chocolate covered )  Liquorice Allsorts are still sold, of course.

So far I've managed to buy sherbet lemons, polo mints, love hearts and humbugs, all arriving tomorrow with my internet grocery order. Mars bars and other chocolate bars are also included via boxes of Celebrations and Heroes. (I'll eat the ones I don't send her)

Wagon wheels, I've had them recently. Either I've grown bigger or they've shrunk. Remember Jubblys'? You could have them frozen or let them melt and drink them.

From the 70s I remember Curly Wurly, and a finger of Fudge (think they come in celebrations), also Refreshers

I bet you liked Fishermens Friend too !


Black Jack chews - a farthing each !

Winter mixture, Fox's Glacier mints ( and the fruit ones), Five Boys chocolate bars, Golf (chocolate and biscuit inside), Sherbet Dips, Jelly Babies, Candy Cigarettes, Mintoes, Rhubarb and Custard (red/yellow boiled sweets), Jelly Beans, Coconut Mushrooms...absolutely no idea if you can get any of these but lovely to remember.

Love Hearts - available since 1954 and still on sale today

...or by the same company, Fizzers.

Aniseed twists - I discovered them around the early to mid-70's and they were already very old-fashioned then. Lemon bonbons - there were other flavours or plain ones but lemon was the most common.  Oh, and wine gums.  I think you can still get them but the flavours have most likely changed - I remember being fascinated by names like 'hock'.  Dolly mixture is another still around but I'm sure goes right back.

Another thing which comes somewhere between biscuits and sweets are iced gems.  I remember being obsessed by them as a child because we weren't allowed them at home and I would only encounter them at other childrens' birthday parties (definitely 60's).



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