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Can anyone point me in the right direction of finding the recent post regarding Tai Chi beginner lessons. I didn't catch where ( I believe near finsbury park) and when. Thank you in advance

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Hi Larz-anna,

That was my post on Tai chi classes - it was removed as it was deemed an ad.

Contact me : 0786272055 & I will send you details.


Yes, it wasn't only deemed an ad, Mani; It was an ad. We have a policy on ads to prevent the site becoming swamped with spam. That policy is flagged up to anyone who says they're running a business when they sign up. as you did Mani. We can't discriminate between which commercial ventures to allow free advertising and which not to. So we apply the policy to all commercial ventures, no matter how big or small. 

Apologies , you are of course correct it is an ad. ( just dont think of myself as a business or some such )

Was confused how site worked, have paid up.



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