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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

As always, this was such a great event! Thank you to all involved in organising it - looking forward to the next already!

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Yea, thanks guys. It was fun.

Really fantastic, well done. Legs are going to feel the after effects of  Seymour road tomorrow!

Agreed! Thanks all

Thanks for taking part! And thanks to the GRA, FoFP, and the NHP PSA whose help is what makes it possible. (and Harringay Online!)

More photos at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/c739zGWT385onBmn6

It really was a great day with the family...thanks very much to the organisers. It was our first race but definitely not the last!

Nice to see that they have replaced Glyn with four officers, I bet that makes him feel good ;)

Yes big thanks to ant and Martin and all the helpers. My first and loads of fun even though I was on my own. Everyone was very friendly. Great community event

and yes I noticed that there were 4 officers in place of Glyn. Haha

Thanks all for a great morning. Did anyone notice two scooters left behind? A green mini micro and a pale green/pink maxi version. The maxi scooter had a pair of  purple gloves on the handles. 

Late night dash back to the park and retrieved them. Thanks Osbawn.

The organisers, police, marshals, spectators and participants were all magnificent!

My sports watch recorded 9K, did I take a wrong turn or has there been a failure of the local satellite global positioning system?

Its the original route from the 2014 Hurtle which I think was based on suggestions from HoL'ers and to minimise busy road crossings and avoid the route crossing over itself. I think at the time I used the Google maps distance tool to measure it and it looked close to 10Km. Back then I remember someone else commenting that their GPS running app showed it as shorter than 10Km but when I looked at their plot it seemed like the GPS plotting was cutting most corners - there are 60 right angle corners in the route, which is probably higher than most running routes, and if the corner cutting shaves say 15 metres of each corner that would be a total of 900 metres off the entire route. Could be that, or perhaps its just too short! 

Adding in the east ends of Raleigh, Hampden, Lausanne and Frobisher could add on another 600m or so.



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