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We are pleased to announce that the Harringay Hurtle will be happening again this year, on Sunday 17th March.

The Harringay Hurtle is a community fun run starting at the Gardens Community Garden and ending at Fairland Park. There's a 10km route - shown in red on the below map - and a shorter 5km route by taking the shortcut up the passage - shown in green on the map. So its suitable for all abilities, plus being a 'hurtle' you aren't restricted to running you can skate, scoot, cycle, or what ever way you like.

Join up and have some fun!

Brought to you by: Friends of Fairland Park, The Gardens Residents Association, The Harringay Community Group, and Harringay Online. 

To enter go to: https://fairlandpark.org/2019/01/31/the-2019-harringay-hurtle/ (Note places are limited and previous years sold out).

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Excellent news. The last one was great fun.

Do you need any volunteers? I can list it on the Goodgym site.

Yes! So any you can help find would be terrific, thanks Sarah. Anyone who would like to help could contact: harringayhurtle@gmail.com

Just as a note of caution, you have to do multiple transactions for multiple places. Just tried to get tickets for me and husband and my bank flagged it up as fraud. 45 mins on the phone later I *hopefully* have 2 places. Suggest if possible you just get tickets for yourself - hubby can buy his own ticket after this!

Oh no, I'm really sorry. Its set up like this as that makes it easy to keep track of each entrant as we get the separate emails from paypal for every place bought. Maybe I could add more buttons for the common things - 2xAdult, 1xAdult+1xChild, 1xAdult+2xChild etc and keep track of it based on the amount. Worried we might miss entrants but I'll look if thats possible. 

Don't worry. It's more annoying from my bank. (It appears I've now bought 3 places... Oh dear)

Oohh so excited. Thankyou for organising, never done it but started doing a bit of running a year ago and this looks like great fun



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