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Today saw the Great British Greyhound Walk 2013 at Ally Pally. The walk is an annual dog walking event that aims to raise the profile of rescued and retired (ex-racing) greyhounds. Given Harringay's links with greyhound racing, I stopped off on my way past.




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What Lovely Creatures they are, hope to have one myself one day

My parents have sadly just lost their beloved Emma, an ex-racer, who enjoyed a long and happy retirement with them in Derbyshire.  They've started along the road of giving a home to another retiree, and are looking forward to welcoming another furry friend into their home.  Greyhounds make fantastic, easy-going pets - they sleep for a lot of the day and have their mad five minutes every now and then.  They are affectionate and most of them get on with most other dogs (though cats can be an issue), and they are very calming to have around - if you've got the time to take them for a couple of short walks a day and can give them a loving home, then give them at least a second thought before getting a posh labracockadoodledoo or whatever. (Apparently the black dogs are harder to home for some reason as well, so don't dismiss them either!)

Very true Bethany,  as soon as possible I will certainly give one a home.



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