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Meet Talia & Effie! They are two sisters who have been rescued after years in a puppy farm. They are very attached to one another, so are looking for a new home together. They are seven years old. They have been taken to the vets in Muswell Hill for a health check. They will be spayed, have dental work and vaccinations. Their fur was all matted and they were in a terrible state when they were first rescued.

Talia and Effie are sweet Shih Tzus, who are looking for a new home with an owner who has had dogs before. Because they have lived in a puppy farm, they will need help with lead walking and house training (as they had never lived in a home or been taken for a walk before now).

Talia and Effie are affectionate and enjoy a cuddle! Talia and Effie are good with dogs, so could live with a calm male dog. They can live with children over 10 years old. Talia and Effie will need direct access to a garden in their new home.

You can read here about their rescue from the puppy farm. Please read also about the terrible lives of puppy farm dogs and support Pup Aid and campaign against puppy farming. (One of the photos below shows Annabelle who was previously rescued from a puppy farm and rehomed).

ADM have found them a temporary foster home (so they have got out of kennels and into a home environment) while they wait for a forever home. Please contact All Dogs Matter if you are interested in offering Talia & Effie a permanent home. They would love to hear from you. Home checks apply.

All Dogs Matter need your used postage stamps as they can recycle the stamps and raise money for dogs in need.

All Dogs Matter need volunteers to work in the ADM charity shop in Muswell Hill and they also need donated items for the shop.

If you can't offer a permanent home to a dog, ADM also need fosterers - as they have dogs who need temporary homes until permanent homes can be found.

More All Dogs Matter dogs needing homes

A heart warming tale of the pleasures of adopting an older dog here

List of animal rescue places here

Pup Aid

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"they will need help with lead walking and house training (as they had never lived in a home or been taken for a walk before now)" and they're seven yeast old. Very sad.

Poor wee mites.  It's heartbreaking that they had to endure this.  I'm so glad they have been rescued now and can look forward to a loving future. Well done to all involved in making this happen. 

Yes it's sad this is so common.

My advice is always get a rescue dog. If people decide they want to buy a dog instead, please don't fuel the puppy farms by buying their puppies. They're very clever at fooling people through third parties to hide the reality and there are good tips on Pup Aid  and Cariad Campaign

The good news is that Talia & Effie have found a good home together and they are enjoying their new life and love to go for a walk. Flower, Amber and Petal (who were also rescued after spending their lives on the puppy farm) have found good homes too. Thanks to All Dogs Matter who have lots of other dogs needing homes.



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