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Just had an email from TFL about the introduction of an Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ). Initially it will cover the same area as the current Congestion Charge Zone, coming into force from April 2019.

The current plan is for the ULEZ to be expanded by October 2021 to cover everything bounded by the North and South Circular roads

Broadly cars registered after 2005 will be of sufficiently high emissions standards as to be exempt form the charge, but some cars registered from 2000 are also exempt as they meet the required standard

If your car does not meet the requisite standard the charges are quite high (£12.50 per day for a car).

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What about scooters? I am getting really fed up with them being in cycle boxes in the city putting my mouth closer to their exhaust pipes than their own mouths and for no apparent advantage (I am beating them in races a lot, despite them speeding).

As long as they meet Euro 3 standard (that's anything under 12 years old) they aren't charged. 


And racing them to keep up with them is the worst thing you can do, physiologically - you're right up their tailpipe AND you're breathing heavily. Just the hint of a Darwin Award, I'd say ;-)

They actually end up a long way ahead of me and in another lane because the bus lane along there is not a red route. However they're at the red light for only a few seconds longer than me. I'm not looking after my short term physiological health, I'm looking after everyone's long term health by showing people they can just cycle and make the same (or better) times.

Looks like a sacrificial lamb cyclist to me!

I skim-read the TfL doc a while ago and thought there was a two-year 'sunset' period from the start of the ULEZ so we would have time to change our car. Rereading it now, I'm mistaken. That's only the case for residents within the central London Congestion Charge zone.

For us in Harringay, there is no sunset period. October 2021 is the start, with no exceptions.

I recall the sunset clause was removed prior to the last consultation. 

This is a pertinent point:

  • Diesel cars that meet the standards are generally those registered with the DVLA after September 2015

So not black cabs then...

Vans/trucks? Add this to brexit and we really are going to see a lot of businesses going to the wall ...

Let me guess, there'll be no help with buying new vehicles. 

Having taken subsidy away from hybrids you really do have to wonder what planet the policy wonks live on!

Clearly not this one. Then again we have a mayor that is more interested in red carpet photo ops than actually doing anything useful.

That's not true. He likes playing tennis.

Oops I forgot that one. 



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