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Virgin Media - Intermittent Service for Over a Month - Now Crashed Completely

I have been ringing up Virgin Media on a virtually daily basis since March.  At first the service was intermittent (not working most mornings).  Would reboot and it would come back.  Crash again later.  Same process.

On May 1st I finally made a formal complaint to Virgin, all complaints go to India call centre. I have now spoken to dozens of people at this call centre.  They are at great pains to take me through the same security process each time.  Every time I phone promises are made.  They tell me to reboot (I tell them that's been done).  They 'test the system', very sorry madam there seems to be a problem in your area (YOU DON'T SAY) … The engineers are working on it.  Yesterday I spoke to a guy who was straight out of The Very Best Marigold Hotel.  We are so sorry madam the engineers will definitely have it fixed by 1 o clock tomorrow...….I promise you will be very happy.  Your problem will be resolved.

.But they said that last time ….

no this time it will definitely be true madam.  The engineers are there now and it will be fixed I assure you.


Tonight - I have had no internet for 24 hours (I'm using my phone data hotspot) I spoke to 'Yugant' and he assured me the engineers are working on it now.  It will definitely be fixed by 23rd May.... I repeat each time the history, each time they say the same things, each time I try to not lose my temper with these guys and hear my voice getting more and more patiently sarcastic ...

Yugant transferred me to his manager Kamlesh (wow they usually say the manager is busy and will call you back - - they don't).  Kamlesh is more realistic.  No it should be fixed by the 23 May - there are no guarantees though.  

What about compensation for the now daily phone calls, the waste of my time, the problem not being fixed?  All the calls I have made? 

Ah well madam - the problem is intermittent - so no compensation.  .

I'm looking at SKY tonight.

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Things are a bit better than they used to be.

Since April this year, the Automatic Compensation Scheme for Broadband has been in place. Virgin are signed up. It means you can get £8 per day if your service has stopped working (Ofcom confirm that this means stopped working completely).

If your service works only intermittently or the speeds are way below what you pay for, you can still ask for compensation. To to this, you'll need to write to the to ask. Ofcom recommend that you do put your complaint in writing so that you can keep a copy for reference in the event that the matter escalates to the next level. Virgin Media, like every broadband provider, is required to provide details of all methods of contact in its Consumer Complaints Code of Practice.

If the company rejects your complaint, you can refer the matter for adjudication to the Communication and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS). (You have to apply to CISAS within 12 months of the date on which you reached deadlock with your communications provider. If your communications provider has never told you that it has reached deadlock with you, you can apply to CISAS once you have waited at least 8 weeks after you first complained to them).

Ok thanks Hugh I'll do that. Anyone got any recommendations for a different service provider? I looked on Money supermarket -both Vodafone and Plusnet offering v g deals much cheaper with really food speeds. I'm so fed up wirh Virgins service and customer service. 


I tried BT a couple of years ago. Then switched to Virgin. They were ok until a few months ago. But thanks for suggestion...

I got some useful feedback a few years back when I was looking for a new provider. (As things turned out, my Virgin service has been okay since then so I've stayed put. Virgin seems pretty patchy. I had a bad couple of years, but before and later has been okay.

We were with Virgin for the duration of an 18 month contract and they were absolutely awful.

At one point, after a lot of pressing, one member of the customer service team said that for them to be in breach of contract we'd have to have been without internet for three separate instances of 24 hours or more within a month's period. Not sure if this is true or just made up on the spur of the moment. But the "intermittent" nature of the problems meant that because it occasionally came back before disappearing again this threshold was never reached.

With Vodafone now who are better but regret ever leaving BT...



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