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I do not often need permits and had a folder full which I have come to use this week as we are having some roof work done and they ran out last year.  We have tried to get through the phone and emailed and not having any luck.  Can you still go to the Library and queue and get them in person as I need to get hold of about 10 days worth.

As I understand the ones I have I just lose as well?  What I don't understand is that this is not made easy and you can't buy in too much bulk in case you don't use and they will not swap.  I do not understand how this process can still be so painful.

Thanks for any help or ideas.


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Yes you can go to Wood Green Library for over the counter service. 

I came up against the refund issue a while back. After an initial refusal I managed to get expired visitor permits refunded. See this thread. Use the reference I used to Paragraph 28 of the The Traffic Management Orders (TMOs) (see second page of the thread). They originally quoted the TMOs to me as a reason for not being able to give a refund. I quoted para 28 back to them and got the refund. If they've changed the TMOs you may be out of luck, but I don't think they have.

Looks like they’ve changed it to a no refund policy Hugh 


But if it’s based on the TMO, don’t they have to change the TMO before they can refuse a refund? Last I could find was talk of a consultation to do change the TMO. Do you know where to look to check?

This page seems to show a list of new  and proposed TMOs in 2018. So, with the exception of H2 2017, and allowing for the fact that I may have missed it, I can't see any new TMO for Harringay or that affects the regulation of visitor permit refunds borough-wide.

Given that Haringey quoted the TMO at me as the basis for initially refusing a refund last year, I'm assuming that it's the authority they rely on to make this decision.

To be certain, we need to clarify what TMOs are in force that affect visitor parking. A line on a website doesn't trump a TMO as far as I'm aware.

I found this consultation from February this year (the consultation ended early March 2018) with the proposal to stop refunds in para 2c.  Can’t see the outcome of the consultation but I assume that this is now the policy.


Thanks for that, Michael, but I'm not sure that your assumption is a safe one.

For starters, I can't find any T12 order listed as having been made on the Haringey Council web page I linked to above, nor can I find anything searching more widely on the web. 

Secondly, I added a thread questioning this proposed amendment back in April. That led me to making an FOI request. It also led to one of our councillors (Zena) voicing her support and making representations to the Council to protest.

A comment I copied to that from Katie K (seepage 8 of the thread) suggests that the changes may have been quietly abandoned. I'd ask Zena to confirm, but as a cabinet member she's very busy. I guess anyone could write in and check.

It’s on this page.  Scroll down near the bottom for the 2 February 2018 entry


That’s a list of proposed orders, isn’t it?

It says proposed/made at the top of the page.  It’s way past the consultation end date (early March 2018) so I assume it’s now a made order

It's a badly set out web page.

The heading Proposed/Made/Experimental Traffic Management Orders for road, traffic or parking schemes is, I think a section heading. If you look further down, there's a sub-heading above the part you're looking at that says Proposed Traffic Management Orders. Between those two headings, and under the main section heading, is a link to Made and Experimental Traffic Management Orders. If you click on that it takes you to a similar looking page headed Made and Experimental Traffic Management Orders and immediately afterwards sub-headed Made and Experimental Traffic Management Orders for road, traffic or parking schemes.

I've taken this to mean the schemes showing on the first page are the proposed ones and those on the second are those that have made it on to the books as either permanent or experimental orders.

Since I can only see the proposed amendment (T12) that you've linked to on the 'proposed' page and not on the 'made / experimental' page, I'm assuming that it hasn't made it on to the books as of today. (Of course, as I said before, I may have missed it on the second page since I didn't open every document linked to on that page. But I'm pretty sure that T12 isn't listed as a made order on that page).

I have now emailed the Council, withHugh's argument, copying in Councillor Pete Mitchell as had been in touch with him about this. Will let you know how I get on.

Thanks Roslyn. That should eventually tell us one way or the other what the current status of the situation is. (Since they led me to the TMOs as the source of authority on whether the refunds can or cannot be made, if they refuse you again,  I won't be satisfied until I see a TMO which legally varies the situation that existed when they refund me.)



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