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Wanted: childcare help for a couple of hours in the late afternoon a few days a week

I'm looking for someone who could come to my house and help look after my 1 and 3 year old girls for a couple of hours a day after 4pm or so for two or three days a week. Play with them, maybe take them to the park, give them a snack or dinner, that type of thing.

The hours are a bit flexible and intermittent so perhaps could suit a nanny working somewhere else who's free those times or a student who lives nearby or someone like that.

If anyone is interested please email ant.elder@gmail.com

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I should have said where this is - Frobisher Rd, N8 0QX on the Ladder by Ducketts Common.

Hi Ant, 

I have just sent you an email to your personal address. I am interested in your nanny job post. I dont live far away from you and it would be great to have a part-time job like a nanny ear home. I am a musician and have worked with children before.

You can contact me on nottelizabeth@yahoo.co.uk

Replied sent to via email address.



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