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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Received the attached this morning. Is this pretty much what everyone was expecting? IMG_20200212_165232.jpg

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I thought it looked quite good although still mourning the loss of the rising bollards.

Agreed, looks great. The rising bollards were before my time, sadly. From what I've read seems like they were a tad needy... 

"A tad needy" meaning what?

Let me state that what I type below is almost certainly made-up fairy stories. Fables. At best totally unsubstantiated rumours. Or probably tall stories invented to help pass the cold winter evenings in dying pubs, by sour people whose speedy hare-llke vehicles were a write-off due to trying to nip quickly enough after a lowered  bollard. I imagine a crashing grinding sound haunting them.

Fable 1
The magic keys needed to lower a Gardens' bollard were not restricted to current residents but were held by all sorts of wise ex-residents who had retained them. Or perhaps by people who'd been given the keys in exchange for blues guitar lessons at a crossroads under a full moon.
Fable 2:
The bollard mechanism had a programmed "back door" which consisted of applying just enough horizontal nudging force to trigger a default emergency safety feature when the bollard would lower to ground level.
Fable 3.
Emergency lowering led to the mechanism needing to be reset by Bollardman. A masked figure jumping off a Bollardbike
Fable 4.
That the Council had in any case failed to take the necessary legal steps to install the bollards in the first place. This fanciful explanation is highly unlikely as it has no mention of eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog - all needed under the Haringey Bollards Act 1978.

I have no reliable way of checking the truth/untruth of any of this. If anyone has links to hard facts I'd be interested. No opinions please.


Would that be former councillor Brian Haley?
If so I still await replies from him to emails I sent in 2008 about PCNs (traffic fines) imposed in respect of unlawful yellow box junctions.

'A tad needy' meaning it was my understanding they broke down fairly often. That's all.

All the rest sounds like fun, a shame I missed it. But as I don't drive and have only just moved here I feel I must defer to your greater experience and assign them to the status of urban myth... 

Worse than urban myth.
All incidents lifted from (thankfully) rejected scripts for a TV comedy series which I found in a skip.

Just hope the installation is tough enough to cope with those people who were able to break through early temporary blockages on this junction. 

It would also be great if the Council started taking a 'Healthy Streets' approach across the borough - e.g. making St Ann's road less of a nasty speeding zone & creating new cycle routes in St Ann's.

Every time I cross St Ann's Road I wonder if it will be my last moments on this earth....

will it stop the usual suspects, almost exclusively driving white Audi's, black mercs and black vw golfs from doing 60mph on the gardens roads? probably not but at least we've defeated Ali Ozbek and his cronies.

Yes, the extreme speed runs for sport up and down the same "empty" road have increased in number this last year. I wonder why?

they do it because they're thick.



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