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I say thingy as I have no idea what is it called.

There is an isle in the middle of Florence Rd with 2 of those "thingys", one on each side. They are cube shaped and reflect the light when cars are near by. Sort of like large cubes, plastic type.

One has been broken for ages and I reported to I think road maintenance but never was fixed. When I say broken I mean detached from the ground and being moved all over the road by wind. Just heard car going by and it sounded like it hit it.

It is where Marquis Road meets Florence Road (N4 4DJ). It should be attached to the ground on a permanent basis.

I attach a photo of that "thingy" so my post makes some sense.

Any idea who can I report it to so it is fixed?

Thanks a lot

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Added a report on line now, ref 928131

Called about this few times in the past few weeks and it was not fixed - someone came and just positioned it where it should be (was on the road) but did not fix it permanently as it should.. Clearly reporting via phone - results very random..

You could try using the Haringey app for smartphones. Or write to your councillors using Write To Them. 

Here's where to get that app.

Thanks Hugh, just downloaded.

Walking the dog late at night I happen to see a lot of issues that need reporting.

I would call it a " white plastic keep left bollard "

I would now go on the Council website and record it as a complaint, perhaps on the Compliments and Suggestions page

Thanks everyone.

Just hanging on the phone as online complaint was filed under "street lighting"so non urgent.

And that "thingy" is in the middle of the road now with cars having to somehow avoid it.

Got another ref number now C112929 - hopefully it will get sorted.

By the way, person taking the call said herself "no idea what those are called" so I do not feel so bad...

Why don't you go out and move it to the side?

It has been moved to the pavement few times - this is not a solution. It needs to be attached permanently the ground.

Agreed, but in the meantime you could move it and perhaps save a life.

I have moved it - several times.



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