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I've admired Monty Don's plant supports over the years. Now, finally I've got round to Googling them.

It seems that he makes them himself from builders' steel rods.

Looking online, they're a bit north of £2.00 for each 2.5m rod. But the supplier who seems to have Google sown up on this charges £10.00 delivery. So unless you're ordering large quantities, it rather drives the price up.

I'm sure that I'm not the only person who's followed this up. Does anyone know of any local mild steel rod supplier? Or is anyone on the point of ordering and lives on the Ladder - perhaps we could combine orders?

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most builders merchants sell it, in varying sizes and with or without ribs!

Thanks annee. I can't see what I want on either of those sites. Certainly without ribs for me. I'd have thought it relatively straightforward to get hold of. It may just be that many of the sorts of places that sell it don;t have online catalogues. 

I've recommended these to a few of my customers who were looking to make their own plant supports & they've been pleased with them - they are just like Monty Don's when the rods are bent into shape.


As you say there is £10 delivery charge but maybe you could split it - I could do with a few myself & I have another customer who might be interested.

They can also be used to make strong upright supports for climbers & blend in with most planting, as they get a nice rusty patina after a while.

Thanks, Sally. Very happy to share a delivery. I looked directly at the Austen Knapman site where the various sizes are easier to find and the prices identical with their offer on Amazon. 

One of my customers would like 25 2.5m rods & I'd like 24 of them - so I think we'll be eligible for  the "free delivery for over £80" orders between us :)

Yaay! I’ll email you. Thanks, Sally. 

Thanks for helping me to get these, Sally. They're perfect. Just what I wanted. 



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