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Anyone have experience / luck with growing thalictrum delavayi / Chinese meadow rue in a london garden?

Is it happy?

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Hi Hugh

I have been growing this plant in my N4 garden successfully for 10 years or more. Generally it has done very well and one year self seeded producing a second plant.. 

The only exception has been this year when it really struggled with the very dry conditions.


Thanks Jenny. Did you grow it from seed or from roots?

Hi Hugh
I guess you saw Monty Don planting seeds in seed trays on Gardener's World. I haven't done this. Thanks 

The first I grew from roots but then a second plant popped up .. clearly from seed from the first. i actually bought a third a few weeks ago.

I have also grown this Thalictrum in Sussex where I began with 3 plants (from roots) but acquired several others that had self seeded..

I am thinking of trying to collect seed if i can and try to follow Monty Don's example of planting in a seed tray. However I don't have a very good success rate of achieving mature plants in this way. I am happy when plants self seed.


Thanks. Seeds can be tough. I’ll try some rooted spcimens first, I think. 

I've found this grows surprising easily from seed!

It gets quite tall but is very delicate & you can see through it so can be planted near the front of the border.

It's a great plant to try here in our clay soil as the slugs don't find it palatable!

Gardeners World got the seed from Derry at Special Plants:





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