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Farewell Alan Pegler.

This special and significant trip has been organised as a final journey to honour Alan Pegler, the man who bought Flying Scotsman from British Railways and saved her from the scrapyard in 1963. The loco with which he is forever associated is taking this trip from London to York and as he requested, his ashes will be scattered in the firebox as his beloved loco climbs hard up Stoke Bank.

Live times here, tour details here.

More on Alan Pegler -

How Alan Pegler saved Flying Scotsman for the nation


Alan Pegler was the guest on Desert Island Discs in 1969. Exactly half-way through the 30 minutes, his fourth piece of music is the sound of Flying Scotsman accelerating on a test run, recorded on the footplate. Really quite something.


Oh, and is it legal - yes on private property as long as the landowner consents. Given Network Rail acquires quantities of smuts and coal ash on each steam run, a little more won't be a problem.

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Snappy Stephen's photo [Caption:  The iconic loco looking splendid, alongside a cascade of autumnal colours on this sunny Saturday morning, heading towards York.]



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