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Does anyone know the history of Salisbury Promenade? The design of the front looks to me remarkably like some inner London underground stations that have been built into to the building, and completely out of keeping with the rest of the parade of shops. It looks like 1930's architecture where as the rest of the drag was built in the late Victorian period along with the houses of the ladder and gardens.

Was it originally a property owned by the underground, and intended as the proposed station on the Piccadilly Line (running directly beneath)? But as the proposal never came to anything, they sold the site off entirely for retail perhaps?

Can anyone help out here with information on it?

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I don't know in any detail. I've put a bit in my article on Harringay in the Jazz Age. You'll see that the building is earlier than the 1930s. I don't think LUL had anything to do with it. I think the style is just of its era.

As far as the tube station is concerned, this post will give you the best answer on that. It debunks the myth of a proposed Harringay tube station on Green Lanes and tells you what the real plans were.



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