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With a report last year rating Haringey as the second worst borough in the country for Fly-tippng, Haringey last week published its latest five-year plan to tackle the problem.

Launched amidst much hoo-ha, the Council’s latest fly tipping strategy has hopes of halving the number of illegal waste dumps from the current level of 33,000 a year through a combination of education and enforcement.

Haringey have published two different documents on the strategy. There's a Strategy Document, clearly aimed at the general public, and a more practical Action Plan, the audience for which is unclear. Both are attached below.

The action plan identifies three clusters of action:

  • Early intervention
  • Prevention
  • Enforcement

The strategy document presents the same information in a different way and includes a section comparing teh old approach with the new on page 9.

Also included is a 'heat map' indicating where the most reports are in the borough. The text explains,  "whilst fly-tipping occurs in areas all over Haringey, the corridor down Tottenham High Road has the highest levels of fly-tipping. More fly-tips also occur in West Green and in Wood Green".

Map of Haringey showing fly-tips reported in the borough during 2017/18

In its opening pages, the strategy document sets out is key elements, as follows:

  • Promoting civic pride through community champions, friends groups, resident associations, traders and schools.

  • Working with local communities and partners:

    • to increase awareness of fly-tipping problems,the cost to residents and traders in collecting anddisposing of fly-tips and the negative impact that fly-tipping creates for their local area; and then

    • to identify, prioritise and then remove these fly-tipping hot spots across the borough.

  • Taking an intelligence led approach to the enforcementof fly-tipping, understanding the profile of fly-tippersand utilising the most appropriate legislation to enforce against them and change behaviours.

  • Explaining to the Magistrates the social andenvironmental impacts that fly-tipping causes to promote realistic sentencing

  • Working with Probation to create community payback schemes on environmental improvements to increase Magistrates’ sentencing options.

What do you think? Will it work or is this more hype than action?

Note: Here is Haringey's current fly-tipping page

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Quite. For several years Haringey chose to freeze Council tax when they could have increased it ( admittedly not by much )  each year up to a statutory cap. But they didn't, presumably for political gain. 

There was no point John which is why only a handful of local authorities did it.  The tiny amount raised wouldn’t have touched the sides and what there was would have had to go children’s service and adult social care.

ah OK. Didn't appreciate that.

Also, a small increase means that those on the lowest incomes are still below the level where they get any help with council tax.  So those impacted most pay an even larger proportion of their income on Council Tax.  It make it an even more regressive system.



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