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I was tying to find some information about who used to live in our houses a hundred years ago (and after that up to the present day). I have always wondered about and tried to get a sense of who lived here, and what clues we can find as to what their lives might have been like. When we started chatting about it with my Y2 daughter we started looking for some of the old census data but it looks like you might have to pay for. I thought we could access this sort of thing free. Anyone out there done something similar and have anything of use?

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Thanks Hugh, that was an intersting read. Not sure what the F Roads are. 

Through a HoL neighbour I was put in contact with someone who spent her childhood years in my house more than sixty years ago. It was lovely to meet her and very interesting to hear her memories of that time with details that resonate today. It was also useful to know a couple of changes in the structure of the house though the house is much as she remembered it. Can't help you on the census research though Justin.

At some point I saw the original deeds for this house with the name of the person who first owned it in 1883, but somehow those papers have vanished (maybe the mortgage company still have them, or the solicitor.) I think the name (of the purchaser) was Jarvis Cade, but I may be misremembering. Hope I don't need those deeds if I want to sell.

And I once met on the street a man who was born in my house and lived there up until WWII. He didn't want to come inside, though. He still lived somewhere on the Ladder.

Oh, and I was also told that a couple of elderly sisters lived here in the seventies until one of them died, and the other one lived on here alone. She hadn't been seen for a while and was eventually discovered dead in bed with the TV on and a smile on her face. It's fascinating to think of all the people who must have been born and died in this house over the years - my son was born right here in the back room.

Did the fact he did not want to come inside not worry you a bit Maddy? Make you wonder what he did not want to be reminded of?

Justin, I have a subscription to a site which I could search for you - but as I'm sure you know census records in the UK are only released 100 years later, so the latest one available is the 1911 census.  Other than that, it is possible to find people listed in Post Office or phone directories.

Let me know if you would like me to have a look for you.

If you don't mind a trip out to Bruce Castle one Saturday afternoon (phone to check), they have all the old Kelly's Directories going back to when our houses were built or you can search online: Harringay begins on page 188 of Kelly's Directory of Middlesex , a little patience may yield the first occupiers of your house (you'll find out most people's this way)

I can give you the information on 1935 if you are interested. If you send me a message with the street and house number I'll look it up.

Hi Michael,

just wondering if you could have a look at who lived at 527 Green Lanes? Just moved from there. Would love to know what shop it was and if they lived above it.


Then this will probably interest you, Katie - from my yet to completed Green Lanes' Edwardian Shops album.



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