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Wandering along the the relatively short Courcy Road today I came across three Mercedes cars all white, all fairly new, and all with disabled parking badges. Seems very odd or is it just me?   

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Perhaps that's what they hand out on the Motability Scheme these days ?

One night recently outside Selale on Green Lanes ... 3 white lamborghinis ... it's catching

It used to be three buses...

Gentrification, eh ?

Are these badge ever verified? I know of a young person who works locally, has a car with a blue badge parked on Green Lanes. He's as fit as a fiddle. 

My Dad has a blue badge that Mum uses because he's genuinely disabled. 

There are often flash cars in a pack outside Selale. There is a place on the corner of St Ann's and Glenwood that does something to do with flash cars, perhaps they're theirs. And it would be easy enough to claim you took your disabled granny, which is why the blue badge is in your posh car, the badge is for the person rather than their car.
Disabled badges are often stolen. They are valuable as they aren't tied to a specific car.

I have seen a flash car park in the aldi car park in Bruce Grove, then the drive hot foot across the road to the gym. Disability badge definitely not the drivers.

Seems to me there is a lot of abuse of the system. 

On another note, the parking restrictions on Green Lanes north bound don't lift until 18.30 yet there are parked cars filling up the bus lane at 18.00 and before. 

I assume the sneaky drivers have noticed that civil enforcement officers don't come round after 6pm. I haven't seen them after that time at least.

People make a lot of assumptions about Disabled Badges.  I took a wheelchair using friend to the supermarket once.  I went out to the car to load the shopping in the boot while he went to the toilet and I was actually attacked by someone who tried to take the blue badge off the dash and pinned me against a wall, screaming for someone to call the Police on me, and refusing to listen to my claims that the badge holder would be there in a minute.  Really scary.  And no apology when the badge holder emerged.  Just because you can't see the disabled person immediately doesn't mean they aren't present.  Another thing I know is how extraordinarily difficult it is to obtain a blue badge. 

"Another thing I know is how extraordinarily difficult it is to obtain a blue badge." <- but you can get a replacement one after yours is stolen easily enough.



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