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History of Harringay


History of Harringay

For members interested in learning more about Harringay's history and sharing their own historical knowledge and historical images

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Harringay's History

Harringay's History by Harringay Online

1. Pictures

More photos than you can shake a stick at from 1860 onwards.

1. Harringay Albums by Date

Old Harringay, before 1885
Historical Images of Harringay from 1885 - 1918 
Historical Images of Harringay After 1918

2. Places in Harringay

Historical Harringay Stadium
Historical Harringay Arena
Harringay's Cinemas
Historical Images of Harringay's Finsbury Park

3. Harringay Archives

Old Harringay Maps & Plans
Historical Newspaper Archives
Green Lanes' Edwardian Shops
Edward Gray's Fantastic Harringay Art Collection

4. Harringay Memorabilia

Harringay Posters and Programmes 
Harringay Memorabilia
Harringay Boxing Memorabilia
Green Lanes Architectural Detailing

5. Other Areas

Historical Images of Nearby London
Historical Images of Manor House
Postwar Wood Green
Historical Images of Alexandra Palace & Park


2. Film

Historic footage from 1920 on.


3. Wikipedia

A series of eight articles on Wikipedia all thoroughly researched and referenced, if rather hurriedly written by Hugh, which together make up the first ever history of Harringay.


4. Timeline

A new way to leaf through our neighbourhood's history. (as of November 2016 the Dipity website appears to no longer function. There is a version of the page on the Wayback Machine, but the critical parts are missing!)


5. History group

This group has a series of scrapbook articles which enrich the neighbourhood history.


6. Personal Memories Blogs

A growing 
collection of memories from times past written by former residents of the area.


7. In the Forum

Sometimes posts about Harringay's history get added to the forum. We've tried to gather as many as possible of those together here, (but there may be unlinked gems!).

8. Virtual Blue Plaque Map

A map charting the residences of the more well-known residents from our history. A work in progress begun in July 2010. More here.


9. Telling Harringay's History

Download a short pdf by Hugh about writing the first history of Harringay (click the picture to download):







Other sources for Harringay historical info

Other local history links

Links beyond Haringey

Harringay Online Discussion Forum

Names of Roads on the Harringay Ladder

Started by John Hinshelwood. Last reply by Hugh Mar 22. 16 Replies

There is a wide spread popular belief that all roads on the Harringey Ladder between Green Lanes and Wightman Road are named after famous military and or naval personalities. The foundation of this…Back to Harringay Online

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A Tunnel under the Great Northern Line?

Started by Hugh. Last reply by Richard Woods Jan 30. 49 Replies

This is the second or third time I've seen this rumour. Anyone know if there's anything to it?"As a kid growing up in Harringay I remember there being talk of a tunnel under the railway (Kings Cross…Back to Harringay Online

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The Harringay Racers Song

Started by Hugh. Last reply by Geoff Amabilino Jan 10. 10 Replies

Thanks to Pat Stuart for sharing the lyrics of the Harringay Racers song…Back to Harringay Online

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Local and family history research information

Started by Christy Lawrance Jan 3. 0 Replies

The research resources page of the Islington Archaeology & History Society has been updated and lists websites for people wanting to make a start on their local history or family research. It…Back to Harringay Online

Unique photos of Northumberland House circa 1900

Started by Hugh. Last reply by Hugh Dec 17, 2016. 32 Replies

This weekend I made HoL's latest local history acquisition with the purchase of a set of photos showing the exterior and interior of Northumberland House.For those who aren't familiar with…Back to Harringay Online

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A Brief History of The Langham Working Men’s Club

Started by Liz. Last reply by Richard Woods Dec 14, 2016. 8 Replies

A Brief History of The Langham Working Men’s Club (CIU* Affiliated),  600 Green Lanes, Harringay, London N8. By Ruth Cherrington.From the outside, the Langham WMC looks like a small place indeed, but…Back to Harringay Online

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Harringay - first cinema organ in the UK

Started by Hugh. Last reply by Hugh Dec 10, 2016. 13 Replies

Thanks to jeremyb's comments on this photo, I've been able to track down the whereabouts of the organ that used…Back to Harringay Online

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Were you a past member of a Scout or Guide troop in Harringay?

Started by Liz. Last reply by ROY BOWKER Nov 13, 2016. 7 Replies

Keith shared this memory hereI carried the troop flag for…Back to Harringay Online

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Home movie and amateur films shot in and about Haringey

Started by Jack Reichhold Oct 10, 2016. 0 Replies

Hi allI work for Film London on a Heritage Lottery Project that is trying to collect and digitise films of London's outer boroughs. I am trying to reach out to people who may have made films in or…Back to Harringay Online

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