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People maybe aware of the intention of the Post Office to close, and if possible relocate, the Crown Post Office on Green Lanes opposite the Salisbury pub.

There will be a 'demonstration' organised by the Communication Workers Union with leafleting and petitioning outside of this Crown Office tomorrow, Saturday 18th February, from 10am-12pm. This is just the beginning of a campaign to keep this valuable and to some vital service open.

Please feel free to come and say hello or event join us.

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I can't believe this closure, it's totally ridiculous. Unfortunately I can't make tomorrow, is there anywhere I can write to about this?

I'll be in touch about this soon Sophie - also soon to have a public meeting.

Hi Sophie

Writing to local papers is also very useful, Thanks - Steve

Hi Sophie

Sorry about the quick response yesterday, I was running late to get to the 'demo' on time.

Obviously you can write to David Lammy - he will be speaking at a public meeting on 7th March at South Harringay School on Mattison Rd. Local Councillor Zena Brabazon will also be speaking and we have invited a Post Office representative, whether they turn up or not is another matter!

You could also write to Margot James MP, Minister for Small Business, Consumers and Corporate Responsibility at: The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, 1 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0ET - we have postcards for this.

Or/and - Post Office Company Director Paula Vennels, Finsbury Dials 20, Finsbury Street, London, EC2Y 9AQ

This campaign is likely to run for a while so if you would like to get involved or just pop down and say hello on Saturday you are more than welcome.

Isn't the intention to franchise it rather than close it?

Yeah, the intention is a franchise hence the reference to a potential relocation. The overwhelming number that have gone through this process have ended up in a local WHSmith. There is a real danger with many of the recent announcements (there are now 68 on the 'list' nationally) that there is no obvious place for them to go. Where they have relocated the service provided has often deteriorate and many of the well trained staff have left.

We have been running a very effective campaign in Crouch End and Muswell Hill over the last year with no hint of a suitable 'taker', so far so good! This has involved a good number of local people including pensioners, disabled and councillors etc. Catherine West MP has been absolutely brilliant and she has attended many campaign meetings and demonstrations as well as raising her concerns with government ministers etc. We will be back outside the office on Green Lanes on Saturday 25th Feb 10am -12pm. Everyone is welcome.

I was in Holloway yesterday and the Nags Head P.O is becoming a B+Q. I went down to Highbury Corner and that one has gone also. It would be a terrible loss for the high street if ours goes too.

The Nags Head PO has at least been replaced (and not by a franchise) - its replacement is about 200 metres along Seven Sisters Road. But that happened a couple of years ago, times have changed since.

Just been down to sign the petition....the post office itself was empty for a change !

Thanks for signing the petition Alexander, I hope you are able to make the meeting on 7th March.

hi Steve, what time is the public meeting on 7 March? Can you post the flyer and an online link here so we can publicise it more widely? I've emailed Woodlands Park Residents Association, but we could all do more publicity for the meeting and for next Saturday morning's session outside the Post Office. 

Hi Ceri.

Thank you for contacting Woodlands Parks Residence Association it is much appreciated. The meeting with David Lammy starts at 7.30pm, I have attached a copy of the leaflet for you to use/circulate as appropriate.

Everyone is welcome so please pass the word.

Thanks again and I hope to see you during the campaign - Steve




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