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I've just almost had an eye taken out by an old lady cycling on the busy pavement at Crouch End Broadway with an umbrella up - there are so may cyclists dangerously  weaving in and out of startled pedestrians everywhere totally unchecked that it's become ridiculous, but what to do about it?

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"so many cyclists" - really? I've seen a few but not many. Strangely, I noticed this phenomenon was much more prevalent in the otherwise very civilised Kyoto.

Sorry, I've deleted my previous ungrammatical sentence - meant to say that I don't regard all cyclists with contempt, as I think somone has implied in the replies with a ludicrous analogy to the "I'm not a racist but..." line of rhetoric - how could I, when I cycle myself?

I personally, and this is a personal opinion, don't understand why cyclists aren't required legally to be identifiable. We aren't living in the old school age when your kid learn to ride a bike in the park, it is a common mode of transport for allot of people and if they use the road they should have a plate. I don't make way for cyclists on the pavement but then again im a 12 Stone 5'7 lifter. I'm sorry you had that experience. Most cyclists follow the law and given it was an old lady, maybe she didn't feel comfortable on the road.

That's no excuse - if she doesn't feel comfortable on the road she shouldn't be cycling in the first place.

But was she wearing Lycra and riding a road bike, in whe case you could have addressed her with your favourite 4 letter Anglo Saxon expletive
The purpose of being a racist is to drive the intended target away. Starting off conversations with "I'm not a racist but" and "I have black friends myself" were rightly called out as horseshit. The increasingly common "I own a bicycle but" and "I had a friend killed cycling but" are just another side of this pernicious coin. The attitude that every cyclist needs to be perfectly well behaved before they can be allowed any protective legislation is wrong. The intention of this kind of posting is to have fewer cyclists around.
Lori a quick bit of googling will help you with understanding why cyclists are not required to wear license plates, I suspect you're asking the question as an accusation though.
1. Those young men on stolen mopeds have licence plates.
2. Nobody can remember the huge big licence plates that cars have on them, even if they get a good look at them either.
Thanks, I can sleep at night now
Funny how it's always the people with a bee in their bonnet about cyclists who come up with these stories...
Come on Spiderman, you know it happens and we all see it. But John's right, because some do is not a reason to brand all.
Of course. A very small proportion and it's a trivial misdemeanour in the scheme of things. I was referring to the "near-blinding"...

Sorry, Spiderman, but that's nonsense. 50% of cyclists approaching a red light go straight through.  It's so prevalent that a cyclist stopping at a red light or a zebra crossing is occasion for surprise.

Not all cyclists break the law but many do, not " a very small proportion "



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