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Hello, everyone, I'm currently in a process of home renovation and I've decided to restore the wooden floor in the bedroom instead of buying a new one. I have limited budget (because it's not only the flooring that needs repairs) and I want to have a rough idea how much it will cost.

The problem is that I see a huge difference in the prices from the different companies and I don’t know if there will be any hidden costs. Is there anyone with recent experience and if so can you tell me if those prices I've found from 'Floor Sanding Co' are close to the average for service like floor sanding about 15£ per sqm.

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It pays to shop around and get a number of quotes. Search 'floor sanding' on this site and you'll get a number of recommendations. I had my floors done by Petr Kumbera of PK Wood Flooring who was recommended here and would be happy to recommend his services too.

Contact number:  07961 252 874  

Website:  www.pkwoodflooring.co.uk   Email:   petr@pkwoodflooring.co.uk

Thank you for this recommendation Di, I will probably ask them both for quotations because everyone shows rough prices.

We paid £1,300 incl VAT for sanding, buffing, filling (in some parts) and staining for our hallway and 2 large reception rooms.  I am not sure what the total sqm was as we were just given an all inclusive quote.  It took 2 days and we were really pleased with the results. 

Thanks Michelle  this is useful information, I've made some rough calculations and I think my project will fit in budget close to the one you mentioned.

It's not too difficult to do this as a DIY project, although it's physically hard work and makes a lot of dust. It helps if the boards aren't too warped, uneven or damaged. If they've been sanded before or you've only got a small area to do, it's possible to use just the edge sander although it will take a bit longer that way.

We hired the machines and did the whole house in a couple of weekends, also using a handheld random orbital sander to deal with any stubborn bits and give the whole lot a nice smooth finish, before staining and finishing the boards. We chose not to fill the gaps because we wanted to keep the look of the original boards, and the floors downstairs are fully insulated below so there are no draughts. The results we got were a lot better than many of the 'professional' jobs I've seen elsewhere - it looks as though a lot of firms are still using clapped out old drum sanders instead of the better Bona belt machines.

Tris it seems like you did a great job with this flooring, it looks awesome but I'm not sure if I can handle a project like this. I prefer to avoid complications and trust someone with vast professional experience (even when it's not so cost effective).

We also hired a sander some years ago and sanded floorboard in our living room - we had never done anything like this before and it was not difficult at all - just noisy and a bit dusty (wear masks)

Initially we put a light coloured varnish and later a dark one and both looked fantastic. And saved ourselves a fortune and did it in half a day.

The hire company can also probably give some advice.

We had a super dodgy guy who charged about £350 for a through lounge, including filling. It was fine *in the end* but only after they'd dyed half the floor a different colour and then tried to do a runner on the job. If you're happy dealing with tradespeople tho, they definitely knew what they were doing and were cheap.



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