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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Here is a link to the BGORUG press release with the details of Saturday's steam train. This is first steam train over the line for three years and the first since electrification.


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Do you know what station 'Harringay Park Jn' is? And where it is?

It seems like it might just be the Harringay Green Lanes station on Green Lanes right?

Harringay Park Junction is the link that joins the eastbound GOBLIN with the northbound East Coast Main Line just south of Harringay station. Basically it allows trains to switch between the two routes. If you go onto google maps, you can spot it.

Live train times here - it should pass Harringay Green Lanes station at 0906.

Indeed. For early risers, the stock will be coming from West Coast's Railway's depot passing HGY at 05:12, might not be steam but those coaches won't pull themselves so could be a lumpy old diesel. The stock passes through again at 21:50 on its way back to Southend, so rail fanatics who might fancy a walk between pints at the Salisbury on a gamble of steam:lumpy D might choose that option. ;)

Realtime Trains link

It is quite likely that 61306 Mayflower will be attached at the rear of the empty stock to Southend, which will be hauled by a West Coast Railway Co diesel, probably a class 47 which will be on the back of the train when Mayflower hauls it back up the line later. The return working will lose Mayflower in west London and the WCRC diesel will be in sole charge from there back to Southend.

I won't see the train until 1 O'clock as I am voluteering at the Bluebell Railway's East Grinstead station on Saturday!

Where will anyone be standing to watch? Going to try to get up there with my son for the 9am passing!

Beware trying to stand on the platform as the Overground bods can be rather jobsworthy in their approach. For a “wide angle” view, standing down in McDonald’s car park would work.

One could also stand on the Parkland Walk viaduct over Stapleton Hall Road, as you get a great view of trains heading west in the cutting below.

EDIT: Although having said that, it won’t be quite the same with the wires up.

Sounds like she’s making a great fist of keeping to time so far! 3 down through Pitsea.

I might have a wander up!

Well, rather too many of us for any Overground staff to try and play god at! Excellent turn out by the Green Lanes gallery!

Mayflower looked top notch and was working hard.

Still from video:



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