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Harringay Online Policy on Promoting Commercial Interests on the Website

We love to champion local businesses and local business people and we're keen to support them, but people who use the site don't want it swamped with posts advertising stuff. So, as things stand, we're trying to balance supporting local business with making sure that the site isn't clogged up with advertising. This means that anyone can advertise. But whether it's free or paid and how you advertise will depend on circumstances.

Here's how we're running things:

1. Commercial Promotion

As one of the busiest online sites in Haringey, Harringay Online offers businesses promotion packages comprising both display advertising and the opportunity to interact with members on the busiest areas of the site.  Display advertisements feature in the right hand column on all the busy pages on the website. They are also included in our newsletter sent out to almost 10,000 people every week.

2. Tradespeople & Professional Recommendations

We have a Tradespeople & Other Services Recommendations Listings for members to recommend or comment on tradespeople and professional service providers they have used for the benefit of other members. We maintain this service by tagging posts to try and ensure members can easily find information in it.

3. Commercial Freebies

Businesses advertising free stuff on HoL is a tough one for us. Principally it's difficult for us to distinguish between which free offers we should allow and which to knock back. The most straightforward way for us to handle things is to stick to our policy of no free adverts for businesses.

4. Events

Any local events offering genuine entertainment or educational value may be added to HoL as event listings. All listings and all events must comply with our normal terms and conditions and our events posting policy. Events advertised in the forum section will be treated as normal commercial promotions.

5. Jobs

Any jobs being advertised for any sort of commercial organisation should be place using a newsagent's window advert. Local charities may advertise at no cost.

6. Hotels, B&Bs & Guest Houses

Local hotels, B&Bs and guest houses are featured on local places to stay section. This section is included on the website at the request of members. Whilst we are happy to consider requests for inclusion from any local establishment, inclusion on the page is made on the following terms:

a. Site Admin will determine which establishments are considered as local.

b. Links will be made to the hotel's Trip Advisor review or, if no such review is available, another well known review site. Where no review is available we will not include the establishment on our website

7. Homes

Currently we permit the advertising of private homes for rent as primary permenant accommodation in the local area without charge.

This excludes:

a. holiday lettings in any part of the world, including locally.

b. lettings beyond the local area (please ask if you're not sure).

c. homes for sale.


1. This policy applies to individuals, commercial entities and charities with paid staff.  Small local voluntary organisations including residents' groups, friends groups, charitable groups, schools, etc are not covered by this policy.

2. No person or organisation to whom this policy applies may promote their services or produce on Harringay Online in any way without the permission of Site Admin. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes promoting a commercial business by:

  • using their member page to promote their business or provide business contact information or links to business websites.
  • using the internal messaging system or commenting on or liking members pages simply to draw attention to your profile for commercial reasons
  • commenting on others members' events
  • adding or contributing to a discussion, including participation in free events primarily designed to promote their business.
  • adding or commenting on an image
  • joining under a business name, using a business logo as an avatar or adding business details to a member's own page.

3. The Tradespeople & Professional Recommendations Group is a service for members to recommend tradespeople from their own experience. Business owners and their agents may not add their own businesses nor add comments to recommend their businesses on other members' postings.

4. Please do not advertise your business without agreeing it with us first.

5. In the event that a business owner learns that their business has been criticised, they have a right to respond. Any such responses must stay within what is reasonable in the context.

Questions & Comments

Any questions or comments about this policy can be addressed to us at siteadmin@harringayonline.com

Last updated: 2nd November 2017


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