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Neighbourhoods Connect in Harringay



What it is about?

Neighbourhoods Connect is an approach blending online tools and good old fashioned face-to-face contact to connect the generations in neighbourhoods. The idea is to rekindle that old type of neighbouring where people look out for each other, in particular older people.  It's also about valuing everyone's contribution no matter what their age.


What does it involve?

Getting involved means giving as much or as little time as you want. This isn't a big volunteer programme. It's about looking out for each other when and where we can.

Let's take an example. You may have older people in your road who feel isolated or just can't do everything they used to. So getting involved in Neighbourhoods Connect could mean:

  • knocking on their door every now and again to say hi and chat for a couple of minutes.
  • picking up a pint of milk at the shops with your own shopping
  • explaining how to Google

The idea is to give slivers of time where you can.

And it's not a one way street. Most people whatever their age have something to offer in return. It may be expertise from a lifetime of skills or it might be decades of life wisdom. In one area, people are incorporating knocking on older neighbours' doors as part of a jogging routine and in return their older neighbours are acting as their mentor-coaches, keeping them motivated. Our imagination is the only limit.


...and the online bit?

It also makes sense to help older people make best use of the internet. Many are scared or just not interested. But in many ways the internet is a tool that could have been invented for the older generation. Everything's possible on the internet, including chatting to your neighbours! So part of the idea is to help older people get online. Once older people understand the internet, they usually love it, no matter what their age.


Find out more?

Neighbourhoods Connect is part of a global movement getting people back in touch with people in their neighbourhoods and looking out for each other. If you think you might like to help pioneer things, send us an email and give us your details in confidence.


Last updated: 28th June, 2011


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